General Topics

What is the difference between a training course and a training programme?

A training course instructs the learner on how to complete a specific task in the system. A course status will show as complete once the training tutorial is viewed, the accompanying training exercise has been completed (if applicable) and the course has been rated.

A training programme, however, is comprised of a set of courses within a given topic e.g. Military and Police Planning, Materials and Services Planning etc. A training programme also involves passing an assessment.

What is the difference between a silver and gold learning certification?

A silver learning certification is awarded upon successful completion of a learning programme. A golden certification is only awarded once all programmes within a thematic area are completed and an assessment of that curriculum has been passed. The training certification path is shown below:

Where can I view my training completion and history?

You can view your training completion history by visiting the My Learning section of iLearn.

How can I view all courses on iLearn Umoja?

You can access a complete course catalogue by navigating to Thematic Areas > All Courses. You can search for courses using keywords in the Search Courses box in the upper right-hand corner of any iLearn page.

How can I view courses for a specific programme?

To access all courses within a specific programme, please visit the relevant Thematic Area page to find all related training programmes

Strategic Management

How an output with multiple measures can be entered in the SMA application?

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