Umoja: Budget Formulation Solution for Regular Budget Goes Live

The management reform proposals of the Secretary-General led to the approval of an annual Regular Budget cycle by the General Assembly. This change is accompanied by a transition from the Budget Information System (BIS) to Umoja’s new Budget Formulation module, which is a part of Umoja’s broader solution for Strategic Planning, Budgeting and Performance Management (SPPM). The Budget Formulation module was rolled out on 22 January 2019, to United Nations entities to facilitate preparing their budgetary requirements for the proposed programme budget for 2020.

New eLearning Platform, iLearn Umoja, Now Available to Staff

Learning is an integral part of the business transformation journey the UN Secretariat has embarked on through Umoja. The latest addition iLearn Umoja, an eLearning platform introduced to train staff on Umoja Extension 2 (UE2) modules. It facilitates self-learning and provides easy access to training content. Staff can learn at their own pace and use “just-in-time” information that enables them to perform their duties in Umoja.

Launch of the Uniformed Capabilities Management System

The initial UCMS solution deployment will address the needs of Military and Police Planners in UNHQ who will be using the solution for uniformed capabilities planning. UCMS will also introduce several significant enhancements to the Electronic Contingent Owned Equipment System (eCOE), impacting the work of COE Units in DPKO-DFS field missions.

Strategic Planning, Budgeting and Performance Management (SPPM)

The Secretary-General’s management reform agenda “envisions a United Nations that empowers managers and staff, simplifies processes, increases accountability and transparency and improves on the delivery of mandates.” The new UE2 Strategic Planning, Budgeting and Performance Management (SPPM) solution will provide capability to achieve this vision. SPPM has significant potential to transform the Organization through its results-based management capabilities for better planning, execution, monitoring and reporting on programme delivery.

Going live: Missions get ready for UE2 SPPM

Umoja's Strategic Planning, Budget Formulation and Performance Management solution will be launched to 13 peacekeeping missions and two service centres in October

Umoja Supplier Relationship Management and Portal System Upgrade

Software upgrades have become part of our daily routines, from our mobile devices to personal computers. Umoja is no exception. The first version of Umoja went live in 2013 in the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon. In technology years, that’s a long time. With the evolving needs of the Organization, need for richer functionality and better user experience, Umoja needs to undergo periodic updates.

Umoja goes live with Fundraising & Donor Relationship Management

The Secretariat’s programmes depend, to varying degrees, on voluntary contributions. Umoja currently covers over 23,000 contribution agreements, with an annual average volume of over 4,000 new agreements both in 2016 and 2017. It manages the processes from the recording of an accounts receivable based on a confirmed contribution pledge or agreement, through its closure after discharging its obligations.

What’s next on the Umoja journey?

Over 46,500 users across 420 locations use Umoja (as illustrated) for a broad range of functions - Finance, Payroll, HR, Procurement, Travel, Logistics, Real Estate, etc. Umoja Extension 2 (UE2), comprising 41% of all Umoja processes, will cover areas not previously automated and extend the user base.