Introduction to Grantor Management

This course provides an overview of the Grantor Management system.



Note: this is an updated course covering up to release 1.2 functionality.

This course provides and overview of the Grantor Management system and its benefits, along with an overview of how the United Nations executes its programs and projects and who are the United Nations Partners.

In addition to this course, to better acquaint users with the Grantor Management system, additional reference materials can be found in the iLearn Resource Centre

Furthermore, check out this document , which provides a detailed overview of the changes from the old to new process. Those users who played a key role in the old system i.e. focal points in substantive offices, budget officers and accountants as well as users who have processed grantor transactions in the various modules in ECC and SRM may find the material helpful. New users may also find this document helpful in expanding their knowledge of the system.