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Launch of the Uniformed Capabilities Management System

The initial UCMS solution deployment will address the needs of Military and Police Planners in UNHQ who will be using the solution for uniformed capabilities planning. UCMS will also introduce several significant enhancements to the Electronic Contingent Owned Equipment System (eCOE), impacting the work of COE Units in DPKO-DFS field missions.UCMS will ultimately improve process efficiency through standardized and templatized data entry; better access to centralized data; clear process workflows and streamlined verifications, inspections, and troop strength reporting. The UCMS solution was developed in close collaboration with DPKO, DFS, DM and field missions.“UCMS will aid military and police planners due to the introduced process standardization and the ability to capture information. This will help ensure the preservation of institutional knowledge, since we operate in an environment where seconded officers are frequently rotated.  Following recent solution testing, I believe the system is user friendly, intuitive, and we look forward to its deployment," says Lt. Col. Yann Hauray, Deputy Chief (MPS/OMA/DPKO).Reimbursements and payments to troop- and police-contributing countries (T/PCCs) accounts for over 30% of the total annual peacekeeping budget. Deployment of UCMS lays the foundation for future force management and planning related process improvements and technological upgrades.“With the establishment of the new Uniformed Capabilities Support Division (USC) and the significant process improvements being introduced through UCMS, we will be more adequately equipped to better serve the needs of T/PCCs. In line with the wider reform efforts, the Division will serve as a single point of service within the Secretariat for support and reimbursement issues," says Under-Secretary-General for Field Support Atul Khare.Jan Beagle, Under-Secretary-General for Management, notes: “I am happy that UE2 is being leveraged to drive substantial programmatic reforms that bring opportunities to better deliver on our mandates across the globe. With a clear focus on an integrated process for paying T/PCCs, we will deliver positive change for practitioners. The UCMS solution supports the work of the USC Division in DOS, as envisioned in the Secretary-General’s reform proposals. It is rewarding to see the business come together in this way across duty stations to streamline processes and deliver solutions.”The first module of UCMS is a part of the Reimbursements and Payments to T/PCCs initiative (a sub-project within UE2 portfolio). The deployment of UCMS will continue throughout 2019.For more: https://umoja.un.org/dfs